SIP Trunking

SIP Trunks:

SIP Trunks comforts businesses to keep their own existing telecom set up and still offers all the benefits and advantageous of VoIP services.

SIP works in a very simple manner. An IP connection replaces the expensive standard or ISDN lines as SIP works with the help of Internet. In this way, SIP can be directly connected to the Hosted PBX or a local PBX using gateways, which helps to make outgoing calls at much more affordable call charges than traditional phone lines.

The advantageous of the SIP Trunks are, allow users to make multiple call with the common dial plan. It is a great relief for the employees who prefer to work from home. Also, it allows businesses to keep their existing number and much more scalable than normal telephone system.

Moving premises out of the local area and want to keep their number – With our business VOIP services, area restrictions is a history and no expensive call forwarding services.