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Hosted IP PBX/ Cloud PBX:

Hosted IP PBX is the need of this generation. Spending a large amount for the hardware, installation and maintenance can damage your budget plan completely. Cloud PBX helps you to set up a new and cost effective telephone system with numerous features than the old-style PSTN/ISDN lines.

With the help of Internet, VoIP telephony system permits you to make free and low cost national as well as international calls. The basic advantage of VoIP Business Telephone System is that the system is not constructed on any particular device or network at receiver’s end. All you need is a VoIP supported phone and Internet.

The result can be determined by the excellent sound quality and affordable call rates. Users are offered with various options in VoIP devices e.g. VoIP desk phones, Cordless phones and Soft phones on desktop or laptop and mobile VoIP apps just with help of Internet connection.

Benefit from VoIP services at remote locations by seamlessly integrating your multi-site environments under a single unified dial plan. With the power of the PGSL network you can have international presence via a diverse range of readily available incoming Local, International and Toll free numbers.

With the ability to provide geographic subscriber numbers in the most major UK cities and low outgoing call rates, you can combine any number of Internet connections and IP telephones to create your virtual office.

Hosted Business VoIP offers the key benefits of economies of scale, cost efficiencies and centralisation (even for small businesses) plus it also delivers the feature-rich capability and flexibility of an IP-PBX.

Your Business Class Cisco, Snom, Polycom, Yealink, Gigaset phones arrives preconfigured, plug and play ready!

No Expensive Equipment Installation

Our hosted IP PBX phone system is implemented virtually and delivered using broadband Internet. Advanced IP technology allows call routing in real time - without keeping the caller on hold or missing calls. Its multifaceted range of features is easy to configure, making it very user-friendly. Some of the important call management features of the hosted PBX system include:

Auto attendant Voice mail Fax to email Find-me-follow-me SMS notification on fax delivery 24/7 connectivity

We can provide you with several extensions to suit your business needs. Employees can also have individual extensions with dedicated numbers and personal voicemail boxes.