Virtual Reception

Virtual Reception:

Virtual Receptionist helps to establish a new image of your business in the eyes of customer.

Virtual Receptionist is a virtual phone system that includes a Local, toll free or international phone number, phone extensions, IVR, call forwarding and voicemail to email. It is easy to set up an Virtual Receptionist phone number by recording initial welcome message, music on hold, Voicemail to email. You can record this yourself and change as frequently as you like or we can get it recording professionally.

The main purpose of the Virtual Receptionist to greet customer with an auto attendant reply with personally or professionally recorded welcome message, navigation menu, voicemail, fax, conferencing and other administrative tools.

Virtual Receptionist also has the ability to answer, manage and route calls to various recipients as per requirement.

Virtual Receptionist also offers the advantage to supervise and position the staff from remote location.

With PGSL, you don’t have to buy or install any hardware or software.